Glo Movie Database | Season 9


Season 9

Season 9 (1992)

Episodes: 22

Star Cast: Angela Lansbury ,

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Episodes List

Ep.1 Murder in Milan

Air Date: 1992-09-20

During the Milan Film Festival, famous fim producer Catherine Wayne is murdered.

Ep.2 Family Secrets

Air Date: 1992-09-27

Jessica's former student, a reporter, returns to Cabot Cove with new evidence on a 30-year-old scandal involving two of the founding families.

Ep.3 The Mole

Air Date: 1992-10-04

Jessica is mistaken for someone else and kidnapped at the airport. When the woman she is mistaken for is killed, Jessica finds the murderer.

Ep.4 The Wind Around the Tower

Air Date: 1992-11-01

While they are visitors at an estate in Ireland, Jessica and friend Seas are convinced that their host's demise is not from natural causes.

Ep.5 The Dead File

Air Date: 1992-11-15

Jessica is appalled when, upon returning to New York City, she finds herself caricatured as a fox in a politically satirical comic strip with libelous dialogue.

Ep.6 Night of the Coyote

Air Date: 1992-11-22

The legend of a stage coach robber's hidden treasure leads to the murder of an old mining town entrepreneur.

Ep.7 Sugar & Spice, Malice & Vice

Air Date: 1992-11-29

Agent Michael Hagarty is arrested for the murder of his estranged daughter's crooked fiancee.

Ep.8 The Classic Murder

Air Date: 1992-12-06

After a tycoon disappears, a psychic divines that the has been murdered--then she is found dead!

Ep.9 A Christmas Secret

Air Date: 1992-12-13

The return of a Gulf War veteran and his reunion with his fiancée is marred by his big secret.

Ep.10 The Sound of Murder

Air Date: 1993-01-03

The last sound the producer hears is not from a record.

Ep.11 Final Curtain

Air Date: 1993-01-10

The personal manager of a 'resting' actor dies just as his client returns to the stage.

Ep.12 Double Jeopardy

Air Date: 1993-01-17

The confessional is the site of the last rites as an estranged father seeks absolution from his priest son.

Ep.13 Dead Eye

Air Date: 1993-02-07

Are the disappearance of a private eye in 1963 and the Kennedy assassination of the same year connected?

Ep.14 Killer Radio

Air Date: 1993-02-14

The prospective owner of a radio station in the prairies is killed before the sale goes through.

Ep.15 The Petrified Florist

Air Date: 1993-02-21

Was a Beverly Hills florist killed because he was supplying more than flowers for gossip magazine editors?

Ep.16 Threshold of Fear

Air Date: 1993-02-28

A recluse is terrified when the killer she sees in her dreams tries to see her in real life.

Ep.17 The Big Kill

Air Date: 1993-03-07

The town is concerned when a local fisherman dies, but concern turns to confusion when a second body is discovered aboard a fishing boat. Both men died from carbon monoxide poisoning, but seem to have no connection until the fisherman's daughter receives her father's logbook and nautical charts in the mail.

Ep.18 Dead to Rights

Air Date: 1993-03-21

Jessica knows her former researcher is a congenital liar, so why should she believe her now?

Ep.19 Lone Witness

Air Date: 1993-04-04

A delivery boy says he was only a witness when he is found kneeling beside the victim.

Ep.20 Ship of Thieves

Air Date: 1993-05-02

A pleasant cruise is marred by the discovery that there are thieves on board and possibly a murderer.

Ep.21 The Survivor

Air Date: 1993-05-09

Jessica's computer tech becomes an inadvertent target when she dates an undercover cop, whom she has just met.

Ep.22 Love's Deadly Desire

Air Date: 1993-05-16

The death of a novelist's assistant seemed to be a case of mistaken identity.

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