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Specials (2009)

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Ep.1 The Late Night with Jimmy Show

Air Date: 2009-02-03

While Sunny tells us about her upcoming class with Dr. Turk, suddenly Jimmy comes into the room. And once again, he is touching everybody, everywhere. Denise actually enjoys the touching, Howie not so much. And Katie even kisses Jimmy. After that, Sunny suddenly can't find her video camera anymore. As it turns out, Jimmy has taken it from her, to film a fake talk show called The Jimmy the Orderly Show. In it, he impersonates the talk show host and several well known actors from TV and cinema. Then, Sunny comes into the room, where Jimmy is, and sees, that he took her camery. But he says, that he only borrowed it for the Jimmy the Orderly Show. And since every Jimmy the Orderly Show ends in a dance off, Sunny and Jimmy began to dance.

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