Glo Movie Database | Season 1


Season 1

Season 1 (1994)

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Episodes List

Ep.1 The Apparition of a More Powerful Robot!!

Air Date: 1994-04-05

Ep.2 Defeat! Champion

Air Date: 1994-04-05

Ep.3 Decisive! The Deadly Punch

Air Date: 1994-04-19

Ep.4 Showdown! Magma Hell

Air Date: 1994-04-26

Ep.5 Defeated! The Air Assault Strategy

Air Date: 1994-05-03

Ep.6 Beware! The Mermaid’s Temptation

Air Date: 1994-05-10

Ep.7 Rival! Showdown with ShinRon

Air Date: 1994-05-17

Ep.8 Escape! The Ice Trap

Air Date: 1994-05-24

Ep.9 Burning! Devil in the Desert

Air Date: 1994-05-31

Ep.10 Beckon! The New Special Attack

Air Date: 1994-06-07

Ep.11 Strength! Ursa Major of Siberia

Air Date: 1994-06-14

Ep.12 Surprise! Mysterious Magic

Air Date: 1994-06-21

Ep.13 Jungle! Invisible Enemy

Air Date: 1994-06-28

Ep.14 Decision! The World’s Strongest Robot

Air Date: 1994-07-05

Ep.15 Love! ShinRon vs. Tiger

Air Date: 1994-07-12

Ep.16 Arrival! The Fake Baron

Air Date: 1994-07-19

Ep.17 Clash! Baron vs. Kaizer

Air Date: 1994-07-26

Ep.18 Episode 18

Air Date: 1994-08-02

Ep.19 Dragon Island! The Final Showdown

Air Date: 1994-08-09

Ep.20 Why!? Ken vs. Baron

Air Date: 1994-08-16

Ep.21 Demon Sword! Samuraider

Air Date: 1994-08-23

Ep.22 Horror! The Concert of Death

Air Date: 1994-08-30

Ep.23 Legend! The Goddess of the Moon and Sun

Air Date: 1994-09-06

Ep.24 Defend! The Dreams of the Children

Air Date: 1994-09-13

Ep.25 Take Down! The Hollywood Assassin

Air Date: 1994-09-20

Ep.26 Elimination! Battle Royale

Air Date: 1994-09-27

Ep.27 Marilyn! The Final Battle

Air Date: 1994-10-04

Ep.28 Secret! Asimov’s Trump Card

Air Date: 1994-10-11

Ep.29 Floyd! Baron’s Destruction Orders

Air Date: 1994-10-18

Ep.30 Arrival! Gold Baron

Air Date: 1994-10-25

Ep.31 War! The Ultimate Rival

Air Date: 1994-11-01

Ep.32 Destroyed! Baron’s Death

Air Date: 1994-11-08

Ep.33 Surprise! Kaizer’s Identity

Air Date: 1994-11-15

Ep.34 Menace! The Greatest Champion Strategy

Air Date: 1994-11-22

Ep.35 Destiny! Kaizer vs. Baron

Air Date: 1994-11-29

Ep.36 Attack! The New Enemy

Air Date: 1994-12-06

Ep.37 Assault! Sigma Tower

Air Date: 1994-12-13

Ep.38 Sacrafice! The Viking Brothers

Air Date: 1994-12-20

Ep.39 Offensive! Baron’s Imitator

Air Date: 1994-12-27

Ep.40 Dazzling! The Ultimate Chosetsuryu

Air Date: 1995-01-03

Ep.41 Shocking! Mother Baron

Air Date: 1995-01-10

Ep.42 Escape! Sigma Tower

Air Date: 1995-01-17

Ep.43 Shock! Fujin Raijin

Air Date: 1995-01-24

Ep.44 What! The Other Ken

Air Date: 1995-01-31

Ep.45 Return! Psychokinetic Power

Air Date: 1995-02-07

Ep.46 Eruption! Duel at the base of Mt. Fuji

Air Date: 1995-02-14

Ep.47 Impulse! To Defeat Death Baron

Air Date: 1995-02-21

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