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Galaxy cyclone  season 1

Galaxy cyclone season 1 (1981)

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Episodes List

Ep.1 Merciless J9

Air Date: 1981-10-06

Ep.2 Roaring Asteroids

Air Date: 1981-10-13

Conspirators and cabals gather in the glittering streets of the asteroids! A space policeman dies in a duel between West J District gangs! His sister, swearing revenge, turns to J9! But there, there is a woman who knows Kid's past...

Ep.3 Hellish Venus

Air Date: 1981-10-20

In the scorching hell of Venus, under the guise of a development project there are corrupt officials indulging in usury! A man fled with evidence disclosing a device linked to one of the Connections, pursued by an evil organization! Hearing the request, J9 flew towards Venus, looking to recover the film with the evidence...

Ep.4 Lawless West J District

Air Date: 1981-10-27

Ep.5 A Client From The Grave

Air Date: 1981-11-03

Ep.6 The Red Rose of Revenge

Air Date: 1981-11-10

Ep.7 The Great Escape from Venus Prison

Air Date: 1981-11-17

Ep.8 Wiping Tears On The Moon

Air Date: 1981-11-24

Ep.9 Satrun Rally, The Rampaging Race

Air Date: 1981-12-01

Ep.10 Love Vanished in the Mists

Air Date: 1981-12-08

Ep.11 A Snowfield In Flames

Air Date: 1981-12-15

Ep.12 The Vulcan Twins

Air Date: 1981-12-22

Ep.13 Mission: Gold

Air Date: 1981-12-29

Ep.14 The Rescue of the Jovian Bems

Air Date: 1982-01-05

Ep.15 The Evil Synchron Planet

Air Date: 1982-01-12

Ep.16 Dead Galactic Beauties

Air Date: 1982-01-19

Ep.17 Angry Cougar

Air Date: 1982-01-26

Ep.18 Starlight Lullaby

Air Date: 1982-02-02

Ep.19 Raid Melody

Air Date: 1982-02-09

Ep.20 The Demon of Vengance, Reborn

Air Date: 1982-02-16

Ep.21 Double Neck Vow

Air Date: 1982-02-23

Ep.22 Assassination Order: Nubia

Air Date: 1982-03-02

Ep.23 Nubia Laughs

Air Date: 1982-03-09

Ep.24 Back Off

Air Date: 1982-03-16

Ep.25 Uranus Smells of Death

Air Date: 1982-03-23

Ep.26 Blues Again

Air Date: 1982-03-30

Ep.27 Storm Of The Carnival (Part 1)

Air Date: 1982-04-06

Ep.28 Storm Of The Carnival (Part 2)

Air Date: 1982-04-13

Ep.29 Twilight Challenger

Air Date: 1982-04-20

Ep.30 They Are To Die (Part 1)

Air Date: 1982-04-27

Ep.31 They Are To Die (Part 1)

Air Date: 1982-05-04

Ep.32 Galaxy of Prayer

Air Date: 1982-05-11

Ep.33 A Parting Song Under The Eclipse

Air Date: 1982-05-18

Ep.34 The Name Is Khamen

Air Date: 1982-05-25

Ep.35 The Battle of Mercury (Part 1)

Air Date: 1982-06-01

Ep.36 The Battle of Mercury (Part 2)

Air Date: 1982-06-08

Ep.37 The Sentence Of Death For Jupiter

Air Date: 1982-06-15

Ep.38 Battle Of The Asteroids

Air Date: 1982-06-22

Ep.39 Abayo

Air Date:

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