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Season 2

Season 2 (1990)

The town's dark side and secrets become more prominent in Agent Cooper's investigation into who killed Laura Palmer. As the unbelievable details reveal themselves, he risks everything to learn the truth, including his own soul.

Episodes: 22

Star Cast: Kyle MacLachlan ,

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Episodes List

Ep.1 May The Giant Be With You

Air Date: 1990-09-30

In the aftermath of the incident at the Great Northern Hotel, the investigation into Laura Palmer's death continues, and information is provided from an unexpected source.

Ep.2 Coma

Air Date: 1990-10-06

Cooper receives some unsettling news, while Audrey continues to work undercover as a hostess at One Eyed Jacks in Canada.

Ep.3 The Man Behind the Glass

Air Date: 1990-10-13

Donna meets with Harold Smith, a recluse who may be the key to solving Laura's murder.

Ep.4 Laura's Secret Diary

Air Date: 1990-10-20

Ben Horne asks Cooper for help in rescuing Audrey, and Donna uncovers a significant piece of evidence at Harold Smith's home.

Ep.5 The Orchid's Curse

Air Date: 1990-10-27

Donna, after discovering that Harold has Laura's secret diary, hatches a risky plan with Maddy to steal it from his home.

Ep.6 Demons

Air Date: 1990-11-03

Cooper and Truman cross over into Canada to rescue Audrey, but not all goes according to plan.

Ep.7 Lonely Souls

Air Date: 1990-11-10

Maddy prepares to leave Twin Peaks, Pete uncovers the truth behind Tojamura's intentions, and Cooper receives a devastating message.

Ep.8 Drive With a Dead Girl

Air Date: 1990-11-17

Ben receives an unwelcome surprise, Norma's mother arrives in Twin Peaks with a new husband, and Bob covers his tracks.

Ep.9 Arbitrary Law

Air Date: 1990-12-01

Cooper attempts to locate Laura's killer after the discovery of another victim.

Ep.10 Dispute Between Brothers

Air Date: 1990-12-08

Blaming Cooper for the death of his brother, Jean Renault plots his revenge as the eccentric FBI agent prepares to leave Twin Peaks.

Ep.11 Masked Ball

Air Date: 1990-12-15

With Major Briggs missing, Cooper and Truman look for answers.

Ep.12 The Black Widow

Air Date: 1991-01-12

The investigation into the disappearance of Major Briggs continues, while Bobby tails Hank Jennings at the request of a mentally unstable Ben Horne.

Ep.13 Checkmate

Air Date: 1991-01-19

Major Briggs has no memory of the place he was taken, but now has an odd tattoo on his neck. Andy and Dick break into Little Nicky's files. Mike and Nadine begin an affair. Evelyn asks James to kill her husband.

Ep.14 Double Play

Air Date: 1991-02-02

The rivalry between Cooper and Earle is revealed.

Ep.15 Slaves and Masters

Air Date: 1991-02-09

Agent Cooper finds out who shot him and gets help with his deadly chess game against Windom Earle.

Ep.16 The Condemned Woman

Air Date: 1991-02-16

Ed proposes to Norma; James and Donna say good-bye; and Audrey meets her fated one.

Ep.17 Wounds and Scars

Air Date: 1991-03-28

Cooper is attracted to a beautiful, reclusive woman as Truman grieves over Josie's death.

Ep.18 On The Wings Of Love

Air Date: 1991-04-04

Cooper takes the sheriff's department on a midnight spelunking adventure, and Truman finds himself in the deadly embrace of a naked woman.

Ep.19 Variations and Revelations

Air Date: 1991-04-11

While Cooper and Truman try to unlock the secret of Owl Cave, the Miss Twin Peaks contest draws hot competition.

Ep.20 The Path To The Black House

Air Date: 1991-04-18

While romance blooms for Cooper and Annie, Donna finds a scrapbook that's full of surprises.

Ep.21 Miss Twin Peaks

Air Date: 1991-06-10

Cooper and the officers prepare for Windom Earle to make his move at the Miss Twin Peaks contest.

Ep.22 Beyond Life and Death

Air Date: 1991-06-10

Cooper must overcome his deepest fears as he enters the Black Lodge to save Annie from Windom Earle.

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