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Specials (2013)

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Episodes List

Ep.1 Arrow: Year One

Air Date: 2013-10-02

This one-hour special gives fans a chance to catch up on the incredible events that led billionaire Oliver Queen to secretly create the persona of Arrow. Five years after being lost at sea, Oliver returns to Starling City to carry out his father’s dying wish: take down the corrupt elite who have failed his city. The special follows Oliver as he delivers vigilante justice and discovers that the real threat to his city is far greater than he ever imagined. An exclusive first look at season two is included.

Ep.2 Blood Rush: Part One

Air Date: 2013-11-07

Ep.3 Blood Rush: Part Two

Air Date: 2013-11-14

Ep.4 Blood Rush: Part Three

Air Date: 2013-11-21

Ep.5 Blood Rush: Part Four

Air Date: 2013-11-28

Ep.6 Blood Rush: Part Five

Air Date: 2016-12-05

Ep.7 Blood Rush: Part Six

Air Date: 2013-12-12

Ep.8 Season 5 Comic-Con - First Look

Air Date: 2016-07-24

Forced to rebuild, Oliver tries to make vigilantes into heroes on the new season of Arrow, premiering October 5 on The CW.

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