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Kid Buu Saga

Kid Buu Saga (1995)

The Kid Buu Saga, also known as Season 9, is the ninth and final season of the Dragon Ball Z anime. It spans from episodes 254 through 291 in the original Japanese anime and FUNimation dub, and episodes 239 through 276 in the original dub. It adapts chapters 484 to 519 from the Dragon Ball manga. It is preceded by the Majin Buu Saga.

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Episodes List

Ep.1 The Evil of Men

Air Date: 1995-02-01

Ep.2 Buu Against Buu

Air Date: 1995-02-08

Ep.3 Empty Planet

Air Date: 1995-02-15

Ep.4 Time Struggle

Air Date: 1995-02-22

Ep.5 Super Moves of Gotenks

Air Date: 1995-03-01

Ep.6 Trapped in Forever

Air Date: 1995-03-08

Ep.7 Feeding Frenzy

Air Date: 1995-03-15

Ep.8 Gotenks Is Awesome!

Air Date: 1995-03-22

Ep.9 Unlucky Break

Air Date: 1995-04-26

Ep.10 A Whole New Gohan

Air Date: 1995-05-03

Ep.11 Search for Survivors

Air Date: 1995-05-17

Ep.12 Majin-Buu Transforms

Air Date: 1995-05-24

Ep.13 The Old Kai's Weapon

Air Date: 1995-05-31

Ep.14 Ready to Fuse?

Air Date: 1995-06-07

Ep.15 Union of Rivals

Air Date: 1995-06-28

Ep.16 Meet Vegito

Air Date: 1995-07-05

Ep.17 Rip in the Universe

Air Date: 1995-07-12

Ep.18 Vegito... Downsized

Air Date: 1995-07-19

Ep.19 The Incredible Fighting Candy

Air Date: 1995-07-26

Ep.20 The Innards of Buu

Air Date: 1995-08-02

Ep.21 Mind Trap

Air Date: 1995-08-09

Ep.22 Deadly Vision

Air Date: 1995-08-16

Ep.23 Evil Kid Buu!

Air Date: 1995-08-23

Ep.24 End of Earth

Air Date: 1995-09-06

Ep.25 True Saiyans Fight Alone

Air Date: 1995-09-13

Ep.26 Battle for the Universe Begins

Air Date: 1995-09-20

Ep.27 Vegeta's Respect

Air Date: 1995-10-18

Ep.28 Minute of Desperation

Air Date: 1995-11-01

Ep.29 Old Buu Emerges

Air Date: 1995-11-08

Ep.30 Earth Reborn

Air Date: 1995-11-15

Ep.31 Call to Action

Air Date: 1995-11-22

Ep.32 People of Earth Unite

Air Date: 1995-11-29

Ep.33 Spirit Bomb Triumphant

Air Date: 1995-12-13

Ep.34 Celebrations with Majin Buu

Air Date: 1995-12-20

Ep.35 He's Always Late

Air Date: 1996-01-10

Ep.36 Granddaughter Pan

Air Date: 1996-01-17

Ep.37 Buu's Reincarnation

Air Date: 1996-01-24

Ep.38 Goku's Next Journey

Air Date: 1996-01-31

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